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Best Free Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows To playing Nintendo 64 legend games

Best Free Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows To playing Nintendo 64 legend games

1 August, 2020

In the era of modern technology the old classic Nintendo games are like extinct. The modern generation games have been taking place all the time, every time there is a new game released in the market, it gets better graphics, better performance and game play which have made the old classic Nintendo games likely to extinct. The only reason why people would love to play the basic Nintendo games is because of the old memories or because of the old interest. But playing Nintendo game you need to have a Nintendo gaming console which you are not going to find in any market. For which we have come with the article where we will share you the best Nintendo N64 emulator for Windows PC that you can use to play your favorite Nintendo games on your PC.

Nintendo 64 or N64 gaming console was one of the best gaming console once upon a time with all those amazing games like Mario kart 64, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, The World is Not Enough and much more. The 64 bit architecture of the game and the 3D graphics has made the game and the console legend of its time. So if you want to enjoy all those legend games today on your PC then you can do downloading N64 emulator for your Windows. So let’s have a look at the best emulator for Nintendo 64 for your Windows PC that you can download and use with ease.

Best N64 emulator for Windows PC:

In the open market you will find lots of N64 emulator for your Windows PC that you can download for free. But here in this article we have listed down some of the best Nintendo emulator for Windows PC that follow certain criteria like using cheatcodes of games that are necessary, Supports all the necessary inputs like video, audio & controller, All the N64 games should support the emulator. So after following all those criteria we have come up with the list of the best emulator.


1964 is one of most popular and the best N64 emulator for Windows PC and also for your Android device. You can play all the Nintendo games with this emulator and the best part is that you can even create your own cheat cods for the game that you are playing. But the cheat codes of the game that you have created is only limited till the 1964 emulator.

This emulator can also customize additional ROM including the support for custom ROM. The only drawback of this famous emulator is that, as the interface is old the software freezes and the games shuts down in between with no permission. So to avoid such things, you can try to pause and play the game often while you are playing using this emulator.

Project 64:

This emulator app is also one of the popular Nintendo 64 emulator of your Windows PC. You can download this emulator for free on your Windows PC and the interface of the emulator is as simple as it is. The emulator also has support system for gamepad and for the controller.

The best part of this emulator is that, it has one click installer which means you can either install it on your PC and use or you can also use it without installing directly. Yes, it supports all sorts of cheat codes that come with the game, but you cannot create your own like you do in your 1964 emulator.

Mupen 64:

This emulator is alternative to Project 64 emulator for your Windows. This emulator is similar to the Project 64 except that this emulator doesn’t have any sound errors like the Project 64 does.

This emulator can emulate any games of the N64 and you can play using all those default cheat codes in the game. The best part is that this emulator has all the plug-in like audio, controller etc. that will help the game to run smooth.

Nemu 64:

Nemu 64 is another Nintendo 64 emulator for your Windows PC, this emulator supports all kind of Windows version and works smoothly. The interface of the emulator is little hard, so you may fill unfamiliar if you are using emulator for the first time, but then this is the best emulator, as this doesn’t comes with any flaws.

You also do not need to install the emulator, so you can use it directly on your PC without installing and it uses less GPU than the other emulator. The best part of this emulator is that here you will even get support system for multiplayer and that too offline. You can also save the data of your game in this emulator so that you can continue the game from the place where you have left.

Ultra HLE:

This is one of the first emulator which was able to run Nintendo games from 1999. This is one of the most trusted emulator that you can use on your PC with ease with all the features. To have this emulator on your PC, you need very simple technical specifications like you can even run this emulator app on Pentium II or even the Pentium III.

Also this emulator uses very less GPU even if you are emulating a high memory game on your PC. The only flaws is that, as the emulator is old enough sometime you may face error is connecting controllers.  Over all if you are looking for that emulator which you can use on your old PC’s too, then this is the one you should download on your PC.

Supra HLE:

If you are a beginner and want tall the pro features than this Nintendo 64 emulator is one of the best you can have on your PC. The Supra HLE (Supra High Level Emulator), as this is a pro emulator it has all the advance features. You can control everything with this emulator like the video plugin, audio plugin and even the buffering plugin so you can keep full control on all your GPU, RAM usage of your PC.

The only flaws of this new high end emulator is that it sometime freezes if you are using this on Windows 10 but if you are running on Windows 7 then this is the best emulator you can find in the market for your PC to play all those amazing Nintendo games. You can download this emulator by the clicking on the link, remember if you are to configure the Supre HLE you will need to configure Supra 2.0

Retro Arch:

This is the only emulator which you can use on all of the platform that you are using like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. You can even use this emulator on the latest gaming consoles like PS3, PS4 and much more. Using this emulator for the first time will not be comfortable as you need to pay attention to many thing at one, but once you get to know all the features and their key access then it is easy to use.

There are a verity of thins that Retro Arch emulator can do like loading cheat codes, scanning automatically, remap control and much more. So if you are looking for emulator which you can use in most of the platform that you are using on your daily life then this is the Nintendo 64 emulator you should have.

Final Word

So these are the emulator that you can download on your PC if you love playing Nintendo 64 legend games. The games are really interesting in playing big desktop screen with all those graphics and sound effects. Specially playing the legend Mario game on PC is relaxing. All of these emulator has some flaws, but the features of the emulators have made the flaws negligible. The best part is that all of these above listed emulators are free of cost, so you don’t need to pay for emulating old legend game on your PC. So this is all, comment down below on which emulator you have liked the most and for which features you have liked the particular emulator the most among all.

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